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WPT Poker Trainer


Challenge and improve your no-limit Holdem skills by having your own coach. WPT Poker Trainier coaches evaluate your every move and reward you for making quality decisions. Play challenging hands and receive instant and detailed feedback. Master the fundamentals of poker strategy including profitable pre-flop play, odds, continuation betting and more.Win and score by making quality decisions, not by winning chips.
Features: * Poker hands are packaged into Hand-Packs™, covering various aspects of Hold'em from the fundamentals to advanced professional play. * Win in-app currency, called ProCoins, based on the merit of your play, not the outcome of the hand. Use ProCoins to unlock Bonus Hand-Packs. * Game scenarios crafted by world-class poker coaches some designed to demonstrate concepts and some are actual hands played in WPT events. * Each move is followed by detailed explanations that open your eyes to opportunities to win pots. * Play for FREE an entire preview Hand-Pack! You can also PREVIEW a hand from each Premium Hand-Pack. * No account creation. Just start playing to improve your poker skills.